I’m offering…

I am offering one-on-one, two-people, with the family and the heart tribe (small or large number of guests) ceremonies, depending on the life-passage to celebrate and what you wish for.
For some types of life-passages you are going through I will suggest a certain number of support sessions, especially for the postpartum and for reproductive losses (for which, as a full-spectrum and postpartum doula I am trained to do). Of course you are free to accept the invitation or not.

I welcome you with no-judgement, loving support, an ear full of kindness and, if necessary to your situation, confidentiality.

I am a(n):
Weaver of rituals, celebrations and ceremonies

Ally & celebrant for life passages and transitions

Sacred spaces creatress & holder

I am offering different celebrations and rituals to honor the life cycle.


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moving in as a couple

love union:
engagement, wedding, elopement, symbolic union, etc.

renewal of vows

birth and adoption:
baby naming ceremony, welcoming ceremony


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the menarche (first menstruation)

the first sexual union

leaving the parental nest


the postpartum

the end of breastfeeding

moving in as a couple

transitioning from cyclic woman to the “wise woman”aka the crone

reproductive losses

any other life passage you would wish to go through mindfully


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Nature’s cycle

the passing away of a loved one:
vigil, committal, cremation, burial, memorial ceremony, scattering of ashes/cremains

reaching a milestone and other significant achievements

any other life passage you would wish to go through mindfully


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for couples (symbolic union, wedding…) who have decided or go through
an uncoupling process (break-up, separation, divorce)

to dissolve the relationship mindfully, with respect and kindness

to honor the love relationship that has come to an end

to offer the children who were born within this relationship proof that
an uncoupling process can be kind, respectful;
this will help them through the process as children
(for example the coparents address vows together to their child(ren)) and
is a fabulous gift for their future love life

an emotional and symbolic closure is pivotal to let go of the weight
of the relationship ending and to initiate a cleanse,
maybe even an « healing » process

to set you free and more at peace, whether the ceremony is performed
during the process, shortly after, or even months or years afterwards

the ceremony can be held with only one of the two exes,
in case one of them refuses to go through this ritual;
in this situation it can be a one-on-one ceremony or with your loved ones